SB - Aug 26, 2016 - Madelyn Monroe, Dee Williams, Matt Williams

BDSM/Bondage, SexuallyBroken

SB – Aug 26, 2016 – Madelyn Monroe, Dee Williams, Matt Williams

Madelyn Monroe Fucked by Couple While in Bondage
Madelyn Monroe is the kind of hot blonde that men dream of. She is bound on her back and has her mouth and pussy fucked by Matt and Dee Williams. She clearly loves having her holes filled with cock and when they add a vibrator to the mix she finds herself cumming uncontrollably. By the end of the scene she is a sexually broken, cum drunk, dazed slut. So, a happy girl. Thank you Madelyn, we are sure to see you again.


SB - Aug 24, 2016 - Mona Wales, Matt Williams, Sergeant Miles

BDSM/Bondage, SexuallyBroken

SB – Aug 24, 2016 – Mona Wales, Matt Williams, Sergeant Miles

Gorgeous Blonde Expertly Sucks Cock While Cumming
Mona Wales might be topping more than bottoming nowadays, but she very enthusiastically showed up to be sexually broken. And she hasn’t lost her touch. Mona Skillfully sucks cock and takes some extreme face fucking as Matt And Sergeant Miles take turns using her mouth.

Her dress is cut off revealing her very hot, tight little body. She is vibrated while she continues dealing with the onslaught of cock in her mouth and she cums hard while being vibrated and face fucked. Mona is one that we are always excited to have back.


IR - Aug 26, 2016 - Rain DeGrey

BDSM/Bondage, InfernalRestraints

IR – Aug 26, 2016 – Rain DeGrey

Gorgeous Girl Punished Piece By Piece
Rain DeGrey is always a great time. She’s cheerful, she’s loud, she’s animated, and she lets us do pretty much whatever fucked up thing we can think to do with her gorgeous body. And we have a lot planned for today. We are going to take some time for each side of Rain, her top and her bottom, and the best way we can think to do that is to stick her inside the barrel with whichever part of her we want to play with exposed.

We start her out upside down with only her ass and pussy pointing up for us to see and play with. Her flexibility is impressive since she has to be folded completely in half for both her legs and head to be encased in the tight dark metal cylinder at the same time. We take advantage of this first position to let Rain have some fun. O.T. takes out the hitachi, the most powerful handheld vibrator we have, and starts rubbing it on her clit. The combination of the discomfort of her position and the sheer pleasure of the hitachi overtake Rain. Her moans can be heard echoing out of the barrel is her body shakes against it.

Then we turn Rain back upright so that only her head is poking out of the hole at the top. This is where things start to get bad for Rain. Most girls can barely handle the feeling of a whip on their ass or their back, but Rain is tougher than most girls. Rain is going to be taking lashes directly to the face. That kind of pain is just excruciating, and you can really tell. Once she’s done with that she’s earned a treat for a ll her hard work. And what better treat to give a good animal than a hearty helping of dog food?


HdT - Aug 24, 2016 - Brooke Bliss

BDSM/Bondage, HardTied

HdT – Aug 24, 2016 – Brooke Bliss

Young Newbie Gets Crash Course in Submission
Today is Brooke Bliss’s first time modeling. She tells us she’s seen some bondage porn and it looked interesting, that she liked the idea of not having any control over what was being done to her body. That’s all O.T. needed to hear. He ties her neck and wrists in with massive ropes and sets to work giving Brooke a tour of the industry.

Brooke’s first mistake was not following the age old saying “dress for the job you want.” In other words, she’s still wearing clothing. O.T. quickly cuts of the tight sexy dress she wore for us and pulls down her panties. Then he takes the flogger and starts beating her bare ass and pussy until they’re nice and red. Up next is the cattle prod, the greatest fear of any girl who has set foot in our dungeons. You can tell Brooke has never had the pleasure of feeling one before, because if she knew what she was in for she would have started screaming and trying to get away as soon as she saw it. After a few shocks though, she’s learned to respect its power. She’ll know better next time.

After that Brooke is introduced to the cane, so O.T. moves her onto her back with her legs spread open and the bottoms of her feet exposed. He decides to give her a little bit of control, so whenever she is in too much pain from him caning one of her feet, she is allowed to beg him to move on to the other. As soon as she is used to that he gives her an even worse decision to make, her left foot or her wet snatch. She never thought she would ask someone to hurt her poor pussy like that, but when the pain is too much to bear on the soles of her feet she has no choice but to beg him to cane her cunt. Once her pussy is nice and tender, O.T. sticks a metal hook in it and grabs a hitachi and starts getting sounds out of Brooke she didn’t even know she could make. Now that she has had the tour, we’re sure we’ll see Brooke again soon.


SaS - Aug 26, 2016 - Bill Bailey, Katy Kiss, Syren de Mer

BDSM/Bondage, SexAndSubmission

SaS – Aug 26, 2016 – Bill Bailey, Katy Kiss, Syren de Mer

The Long Con
Syren de Mer and Bill Bailey fall into a twisted relationship of power and submission. The two of them have a criminal enterprise going where the payoff will set them both up for life. However, Syren has a different plan. When the slutty gangster moll double crosses Bill and hides out at her step-daughter’s apartment, Bill tracks the two of them down and gets his revenge. Katy Kiss is beautiful and brilliant as Syren’s adorable step-daughter who has to pay the price for her Mom’s betrayal.

Katy is made to please Bill’s dick as Syren is bound and gagged, helplessly watching her innocent step-daughter mauled and molested by her criminal boss. When he is done with Katy, Bill pushes his hard cock deep into Syren’s big round ass and her face into Katy’s tight, puckering pussy. Bill makes the women do bad things to each other, and he makes them both very sorry they ever tried to fuck him over.


EB - Aug 26, 2016 - Dana DeArmond, Sophia Grace

EverythingButt, LezDom

EB – Aug 26, 2016 – Dana DeArmond, Sophia Grace

Wrecked in Public! Sophia Grace and Dana Dearmond play with Ass
Sophia Grace is a huge attention whore. In an attempt to gain internet followers she is putting herself on display for a crowd of people in a bar. She fucks her asshole while bystanders egg her on. Dana Dearmond knows a lot about being “internet famous” and she’s going to give Sophia Grace a lesson on how to get as many followers as she can get. Dana makes the crowd disperse so that she can get down and deep with the little attention whore. Dana puts Sophia over her knee and spanks her and fucks her with her anal toy. Dana makes Sophia take the long long slink deep into her ass. Dana Makes Sophia Grace lick and suck on her gape. Sophia is fucked good and hard with a strap on while she spreads her ass until it’s wide open for the entire internet to see.


ES - Aug 25, 2016 - Chanel Preston, Chanell Heart

ElectroSluts, LezDom

ES – Aug 25, 2016 – Chanel Preston, Chanell Heart

Shock the System: Sexual deviant bound & lesbian electrosexed!
It is the year 2116. The human race has survived a near asteroid collision, a nuclear holocaust, and domination by artificial intelligence. Humanity remains the lifeblood of its technological overlords and any behavior that doesn’t serve the system is deemed a threat. Activists, intellectuals, and sexual deviants are considered especially problematic. Those whose actions stray from the prime objective are sent to rehabilitation clinics for reprogramming before they’re terminated. Patient 669, Chanel Heart, is charged with unauthorized sexual activity that includes same sex encounters, sadomasochistic behaviors, and general misuse of energy and time vital to the system. The treatment: shock aversion therapy! Medical officer Chanel Preston administers treatment in the form of suspension bondage, an electrified pussy plug, the zapper, the violet wand, the samurai, electro foot torment, a conductive silicone dildo fucking, face sitting, pussy licking, and a devious combination of pleasure and pain!!


DB - Aug 25, 2016 - Ingrid Mouth, Daisy Ducati, The Pope

BDSM/Bondage, DeviceBondage

DB – Aug 25, 2016 – Ingrid Mouth, Daisy Ducati, The Pope

Two Sluts Suffer in Grueling Bondage with Squirting Orgasms
Ingrid and Daisy are friends and like to play together. They are both pain sluts and we like pain sluts, so putting them together made the most sense to me. We begin with them back to back and punish them, blindfold them and play mind games to scare the hell out of them. After that they are in a doggy position beside each other and again they are tormented and get their pussies and throats fucked hard. In the final scene Daisy is on her back like the whore she is with her legs spread wide. Ingrid also being a little whore is locked between Daisy’s legs with her face buried in her cunt. After more torment Daisy’s pussy is made to squirt in Ingrid’s face.


SSM - Aug 20, 2016 - Belle Noire

BDSM/Bondage, DungeonCorp

SSM – Aug 20, 2016 – Belle Noire

Moaning and Screaming
Belle is back at SocietySM and I keep it simple as I ramp up the intensity…She knows the ins and outs of BDSM and she knows that scenes get tougher as you come back for more….The tight ropes keep her in place as I explore her body with impact of every sort…Belle’s ass is always an endearing and endruing target…Her tight little pussy is given more attention than it is used to and Belle moans and screams her way through multiple orgasms….Enjoy, Ogre…


SSM - Aug 12, 2016 - Bailey Brooke

BDSM/Bondage, DungeonCorp

SSM – Aug 12, 2016 – Bailey Brooke

Classic Beauty Tested by Bondage
Let’s thank evolutionary biology for creatures like Bailey…Someone needs kudos…I’m still floored when a woman shocks me with her beauty and sexuality, and with as many truly beautiful women that we have been shooting lately, Bailey is a stand out. The tits and ass are top notch and natural…the face conjures up notions of the classic fragile damsel…her soft voice and submissive ways complete the picture…She is ready for a bondage adventure, and that is what I intend to give her…The bondage is tight and the punishments real and it makes her pussy very very wet…Enjoy, Ogre…


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